7 Best Hair Salons in Dubai

Last Updated on March 6, 2024 by Jamie Marshall

Curiously enough, hairdressers are one of the most searched-for topics as people look for someone who will truly understand their hair needs. It is rare to find a person who has not yet faced the trauma of a terrible dye job or haircut and equally hard to find a hairdresser who will listen to your needs before putting scissor to hair.

Cutting hair is as much a science as it is an art and an experienced hairdresser will take into consideration your desires, lifestyle, hair type as well as the shape of your face before styling your hair. An experienced hairdresser will also not be afraid to advise you against a particular hair style if it does not suit your face, even if this is the cut you are seeking.

A great hairstyle can increase confidence and enhance overall appearance; similarly a bad haircut will leave you feeling embarrassed and is likely to eat into your confidence.

So if you are looking for someone to entrust your tresses to, and are desperate to avoid the trial-and-error method, we have compiled a list of the 7 best hair salons in Dubai, as a great starting point. Here we look at the specialty of each salon and give you options to choose from amongst the best so that you never have to face another day trying to figure out how to mask a horrible haircut.

Salon Ink – Jumeirah Beach Road

The vision of two Australian stylists, Kelly Cyndrowski and Sharon Anderson, these two friends combined their extensive talents and experience to bring you Salon Ink.

Priding themselves on giving every customer a great experience, the salon has a minimalist design with straight, sharp lines and bold, contrasting black and white colors, but comfortable chairs for customers to relax in as their hair gets pampered with high quality hair care products. The staff keeps on top off the latest hair trends, paying great attention to detail so that you can flaunt your tresses the minute you step outside the salon.

Jacques la Coupe – Dubai Mall and The Address, Dubai Marina

With 14 years in the hair shaping business, Jacques la Coupe employs staff from all across the world including Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Japan, France and Russia. The highly qualified staff at Jacques specializes in specific areas of hair care including styling, cutting, hair color and special requirements such as chignons and hair-up styles for that special occasion.

Maria Dowling – Satwa

Irish born Maria Dowling has been in the hair cutting business for 25 years and her reputation as one of Dubai’s top hair dressers needs no mention. The salon, located at Al Mina Road in Satwa, was one of the UAE’s first salons specializing in hair color.

Maria has perfected the technique of color application over a period of 20 years and her hand-picked staff are personally trained by Maria. The salon itself is decorated with a modern flair softened by soothing colors that reflect Maria’s impeccable taste. The space is big and relaxing with the intention that clients never feel part of a crowd when visiting the salon.

If you are looking to cut hair at Maria’s expect to make an appointment up to six weeks in advance as the salon is very particular about ensuring that each client receives one-on-one attention and there are never too many appointments set for the same time period.

Jetset – various locations

Inspired by the ultimate luxury and comforts of a jet liner, the retro-futuristic feel of the salon’s locations is the ideal environment in which to relax and leave the care of your mane in the capable and highly trained hands of the salon’s professional stylists and coloring experts. Known for their stringent attention to detail, the color experts are so well versed with their art that after listening to their clients they begin to mix color without even looking at a color chart. While some may find this discomforting, the majority of Jetset’s clients testify that they have left the salon feeling absolutely wonderful about their new hair color.

You can find out more about the salon on their Facebook page.

Ted Morgan – The Palm Jumierah and MotorCity

Founded by Cyril and Emma Morgan, Ted Morgan is an exclusive ladies only salon with two locations at the Palm Jumeirah and MotorCity.

Cyril Morgan has international acclaim with a number of prestigious awards and is in high demand for commercial shoots and magazine covers as well as fashion shows. Believing that glamour and style are every woman’s right, the salon staff aim not just to make you look great but also feel great by producing beautiful commercial looks for every customer who walks through their doors.

Urban Male Lounge – various locations

As the name suggests, the Urban Male Lounge caters to the growing demand of the modern man for premium grooming services. With multiple awards under its belt, including the ‘Best Male Spa in Dubai’ awarded by What’s On, the brand has a growing clientele of savvy men striving to look their best in today’s competitive world.

Offering practical grooming services at reasonable rates, the salon’s services encompass therapeutic massages, facials and hair, hand and foot grooming treatments designed for the ultimate 21st century male consumer.

Pastels Salon – various locations

The dream of Ruksher Malik and Steven Chan, Pastels Salon opened its first location in Jumeirah in 2004 and has never looked back since. Investing heavily in regular training for their staff, the salon ensures in keeping with the latest styles and techniques in the competitive world of hair care.

With the belief that beauty is individual, the friendly and knowledgeable staff offer excellent advice on cut, color, grooming and a home care regime to ensure your hair looks as good at home as when you left the salon.

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