9 Great Work Opportunities in Dubai

Last Updated on May 14, 2024 by Jamie Marshall

There has been steady sustainable growth in Dubai since the financial troubles of 2008. Dubai has a more diversified economy than its next-door neighbor, Abu Dhabi, which relies on oil revenue.

Banking, trade, tourism, and construction form the basis of Dubai’s economy.

Investment in the property market has increased, and more construction is a cheerful sign that development and expansion are taking place. Dubai will be riding the wave of its successful Expo bid for the next five years. It is truly an exciting time to live and work here.

When it comes to finding jobs, word of mouth and “who you know” still has sizable influence in the Middle East. Use your LinkedIn network, and make sure your professional network knows that you are job hunting.

A lot of Dubai companies use recruitment agencies, and a reputable one is Hays. Searching the internet will yield potential employment opportunities in Dubai. Two of the larger job websites with job posts for Dubai are Bayt and MonsterGulf.

Below are nine work opportunities to consider. Larger companies will accept your curriculum vitae (CV) or resume as on online submission. By applying online, you can create a profile, be notified of new positions, and track your job application.

Expo 2020

The excitement in Dubai was palpable when the city won the Expo 2020 bid. There was even a one-day school holiday to celebrate! This Expo is anticipated to attract more tourists than any other Expo in history.

Project managers are needed, and there is an internship program for young job seekers under the age of 28. It is reasonable to expect that many more positions will come up as 2020 is fast on the horizon.

Theme Parks and Major Events

Dubai Parks and Resorts includes Bollywood Park, Legoland, Riverland, and Motiongate. These parks will open next to each other in a massive development just outside of Dubai. It will be the largest theme park in the Middle East.

Scheduled to open in October 2016, the entire park will be spread over 25 million square feet. There are many positions posted for this park, and more expected. From park executives, to events coordinators, to retail sales positions, this is a good space to watch for new opportunities.

Auditions 2016 is a calendar of auditions for performers, held at international locations. The park needs singers, actors, dancers, specialty acts, and more. If you are a performance artist looking for a job in Dubai, bookmark the site and submit your video link, CV, and headshots.

Developing Nuclear Energy technology

Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation is looking for engineers, auditors, and a myriad of other high-level professionals. ENEC is dedicated to developing safe, efficient, and clean nuclear energy in the United Arab Emirates. Some of the jobs are outside of Dubai, at the Barakah Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP).


Dubai has seen a significant increase in medical tourism. With a reputation for safe medical treatment in five star facilities, it is no surprise that the city is a popular destination for medical tourists. Most hospitals are private, and the public hospitals also have excellent services.

Moreover, there is a high rate of cosmetic surgery in Dubai.

It is reasonable to conclude that there is a sustained demand for healthcare professionals and hospital administrators in Dubai. Most hospitals and clinics post jobs on their own websites.

Dubai Healthcare City and the American Hospital Dubai allow you to search for jobs in your medical field.


Dubai has a multitude of international schools, universities, and colleges. The British Council offers language classes, and provides CELTA training for teachers who are interested in working for them.

If you fancy being part of educational reform, Footprints recruiting agency is actively looking for teachers for Dubai, the Northern Emirates, and Abu Dhabi.

The American University of Sharjah is a private university with an excellent reputation, located in the neighboring Emirate of Sharjah. Zayed University is for Emirati students, and the medium of instruction is English.

Real Estate

Real estate took a downturn post 2008, but the situation has improved. There is sizable foreign and local investment in the Dubai property market. Emaar is the premier developer in Dubai, and has a number of job openings.


Dubai is home to Emirates Airlines and Fly Dubai. Both airlines are actively hiring.

Just last year, Dubai International Airport (DBX) surpassed Heathrow for the number of international travellers passing through its gates. Dubai connects east with west, and the airlines are set to expand as more people travel through this hub.

There are positions for pilots, cabin crew, engineers, and sales specialists.

Entertainment, Hotels, and The Hospitality Industry

Dubai is known for its restaurants and nightlife. Both tourists and the local population have high expectations and disposable income. Event management companies provide consultancy and services for major conferences and events.

The homegrown hotels in Dubai are excellent, and they regularly post for positions. These include The Jumeirah Group and The Rotana brand of hotels. Restaurant and hotel managers and service professionals are all required for the hospitality industry.

Long hours are expected in this industry, perhaps even more so in Dubai. The trade off is living and working in a vibrant city where the party goes on until 3am.

Consultancy – Oil & Gas, Engineering, and Construction

While oil isn’t drilled in Dubai, it has been the most significant industry in Abu Dhabi, Qatar, and other areas in the region. Dubai attracts consultants for the oil and gas industry, as well as for engineering and construction projects.

Ramboll has a significant presence in the region, with five offices, including one in Dubai, and 550 experts in the Middle East. Given the sheer amount of development and construction going on in Dubai, there is a need for engineering, planning, and oil and gas consultants.

Setting Up Your Own Business

Finally, there is the option of setting up a business in Dubai. Freezone locations such as Jebel Ali, one of the largest ports in the world, offer attractive terms for businesses looking to trade.

Whatever opportunity awaits in Dubai, be sure to do your homework before arrival. Don’t pay a recruitment agency to find you a position. That charge is borne by the employer.

Your prospective employer should arrange your visa, and you will need to undergo a medical test upon arrival. Every year, there is a list of the top 20 companies to work for in the UAE.

If you land a job in Dubai, it may be interesting to see if your future employer is included.

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