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Where to Learn Arabic in Dubai

Pointing a potential student to a variety of schools and institutes in Dubai where he or she can learn Arabic is not difficult. “Where” is not the difficulty, so much as “which”. Are all these venues for learning Arabic in Dubai equally good? That seems unlikely; common sense will tell us that, like the schools […]

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Dubai International Academy

Dubai International Academy: Everything Expat Families Need to Know

Dubai International Academy (DIA), located on Dubai’s First Al Khail Street, in the well-heeled Emirates Hills district, is a good example of the blossoming private education sector in Dubai. This growth, exemplified by the number of new schools, has accompanied the “Dubai miracle,” which has been in progress since around the start of the millennium

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Istanbul vs. Dubai

While Dubai is now a popular expat location for travelers from both the Eastern and Western hemispheres, few people think of Istanbul as a destination for new adventures. Part of the reason for this is that, while expats in Dubai can live very comfortably with little or no knowledge of the Arabic language, this is

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Dubai vs. Miami

Both Miami and Dubai offer a high quality of life for residents, as well as lots of attractions for tourists. Not the cheapest places to visit, these cities are prime holiday destinations that attract sun seekers, party lovers and those interested in experiencing a multicultural city environment. Which one would you like to visit? Here

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