How To Find Nursing Jobs In Dubai

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As the cost of healthcare in Western countries continues to rise, more people are looking towards Asian and Middle Eastern countries in the hope of finding good healthcare at affordable rates. In the last decade and a half, the healthcare sector in Dubai has seen a dramatic increase in the number of world-class national and international healthcare institutions, resulting in a high demand for qualified nurses and healthcare specialists.

Dubai hospitals and clinics are built to international standards and offer the latest in state-of-the-art medical equipment and diagnostic technology. Additionally, registered nurses, particularly those with specialist qualifications such as physiotherapy, intensive care or as surgical assistants are offered attractive employment packages to lure them into working in Dubai. The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is the emirate’s primary authority on the focused delivery of healthcare services and has expanded its vision to provide comprehensive oversight to the healthcare sector in Dubai for both private as well as national medical institutions. The DHA has recently launched an international recruiting drive overseas to hire more than 500 qualified nurses from countries such as India, the Philippines and Jordan in line with the planned growth of the health sector in Dubai.

Most Dubai-based hospitals offer attractive compensation packages for qualified nurses including competitive salaries, shared accommodation (or accommodation allowance) as well as annual tickets to go back to their home countries once a year. In addition to this, some facilities such as the American Hospital Dubai go the extra mile by paying the utility bills for their nursing staff with the exception of long distance phone bills. Furthermore, the chance for many to gain valuable overseas experience while enjoying tax-free income in a world-class facility in a city with a vibrant medical community makes Dubai a very attractive city for those seeking work in the nursing field.

Job Requirements

If you have completed your education in nursing and looking at finding a job in Dubai, below is a list of common requirements for nursing professionals in the emirate:

  • Professional nursing degree with documentation proof
  • Preferred at least one year of work experience
  • Preferred nurses who are not aged above 35 years
  • Applicants should have no criminal history

Employment Agencies

While applying to employment agencies is an adequate start, to land a well-paying nursing job, it is necessary to be a bit more aggressive and proactive. Here are a few tips on where to start looking for a nursing job in Dubai.

  • Dubai Healthcare City: The Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) is a government initiative to enhance the development of all health related services in the city and is a hub for many healthcare providers, hospitals and clinics. The DHCC website is a great starting point for those looking for nursing jobs, as many of the hospitals and healthcare institutions located here are constantly on the lookout for qualified nurses to staff their growing operations.
  • Recruitment Agencies: There are a ton of these in Dubai that cater to every type of profession. As an applicant seeking a job in the nursing profession, it is recommended that you upload your CV on to recruitment sites that specifically recruit for nursing and medical positions. Some of these are:
  • BEAMS International Management Consultants: Office location at Al Musalla Commercial Towers in Bur Dubai. Contact information: Tel: 04009713974447 Email:
  • EMedHR
  • Pulse
  • Al Madina Agencies and Services
  • Al Thawiya

Reputable Job Sites

Other reputable job sites which also offer positions in the healthcare industry, amongst other sectors may also be helpful in short listing available positions. The job sites below have been filtered to take you directly to medical and healthcare positions available in Dubai.

Hospitals and Nursing Homes

Another good tip for applying for nursing jobs is to apply directly to hospitals and nursing homes, many of which are huge organizations that hire hundreds of candidates every year. Some of the major hospitals and nursing homes in Dubai are:

  • Emaar Healthcare – A subsidiary of the Emaar Properties Group, Emaar Healthcare is dedicated to the business of developing and managing world-class clinics and hospitals offering value-added healthcare services to the public.
  • NMC Specialty Hospitals – One of the largest private sector healthcare services provider in the UAE, NMC grew from a small private clinic and pharmacy in Abu Dhabi to providing medical services through 12 facilities in 4 emirates across the UAE.
  • Dubai Hospital – Offering the latest in medical treatments to its patients, the Dubai Hospital offers medical expertise in several fields including Ophthalmology, Radiology, Endocrinology and Physiotherapy amongst others.
  • Al Maktoum Hospital
  • Cedars Jebel Ali Hospital – Established in 1999, Cedars Jebel Ali aims to provide the best in privately managed healthcare to its patients across the emirates.
  • Ghodousi Medical Center – With a staff of highly trained dental experts, Ghodousi Medical Center aims to establish itself as the premier provider of dental care services in the emirate.
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