Once you are settled and familiar with getting around inside Dubai, you may wish to explore the other Emirates and indeed, neighboring countries that lie within 2-3 hours from Dubai, or more depending on your chosen mode of travel. Air You probably arrived in Dubai via Dubai International Airport, one of the busiest, biggest and […]

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Dubai Marina

Dubai Yacht Rental

Prior to arriving in Dubai, my experience of yachts was limited to occasionally, and rather ineptly, “crewing” my brother-in-law’s 22-foot trailer yacht. I didn’t really know that yachts could be rented – I thought you had to own them – and I had never really thought of Dubai and the Arabian Gulf as yacht country.

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Nasimi Beach

7 Best Nightclubs In Dubai

One of Dubai’s claims to fame is its vibrant night life; Dubai has much to offer in terms of late night entertainment and the emirate regularly hosts some of the most popular club nights and DJs from around the globe. There are many bars and nightclubs in Dubai, though most of these are located in

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Dubai Mall Aquariam

Our Guide to the Dubai Aquarium

The aquarium in Dubai Mall is listed on the Aquarium’s website as “the largest suspended aquarium in the world”. Impressive stuff, even if you’re not quite sure what this actually means. So it isn’t the world’s biggest – that’s the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta – nor does it have the biggest front panel – that

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Dubai Currency Exchange

If you are planning on coming to Dubai, it makes sense to familiarize yourself with the local currency of the emirate and to find out how you can obtain it at the most competitive rates. The official currency of the UAE is the UAE Dirham, often represented as the prefix AED or with the abbreviation

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Yoga in dubai

6 Best Yoga Classes in Dubai

It is not surprising that the popularity of yoga in Dubai has sky-rocketed recent years. Yoga has been proven to be an effective stress buster; not only does it tone the body, but regular practice, over time can yield immense overall health benefits. Practicing yoga regularly helps to calm the mind, improve focus and improve

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