Top 10 Best Dubai Blogs

Last Updated on April 17, 2024 by Jamie Marshall

Dubai is a cosmopolitan city with a widely diverse population of people from many different backgrounds. There is much to do here: the city has a vibrant night life, a plethora of restaurants that feature cuisines from different parts of the world, art exhibits from aspiring local artists as well as reputable international artists as well as many entertainment options including concerts and fashion shows. For the avid explorer, there are many places to see; some are popular tourist destinations while others are hidden jewels that are less well known. To discover Dubai’s many hidden secrets, an increasing number of residents are turning to blogs, which provide useful information, personal reviews and advice from bloggers on a variety of topics including places to see, things to do and the best way to really know and discover everything this emirate has to offer.

Featured below are blogs from residents who have lived in Dubai and provide both visitors as well as inhabitants of the city with invaluable information on many different topics. The blogs are selected for their high quality unique content and honest opinions; some are funny, some intensely personal, some informative and some a combination of all these elements.

Pear Tree Diaries is a blog written and maintained by a born-and-bred Dubai girl, Jasmine Pereira. An environmentalist by profession, Jasmine uses her blog as an outlet for her passion for the many culinary delights Dubai has to offer. As a food enthusiast, Jasmine’s blog covers everything from restaurant reviews and suggested recipes to shared hidden food treasures that she herself has tried and tested. She also shares her experience of meet and greets with renowned international chefs, master cooking classes as well as the many food tours that Jasmine has been invited to. If you love to eat and want to discover new and unique restaurants, this blog provides some great information on where to go to get the most mouth-watering food in town.

Shweta Dembla is a citizen journalist in Dubai who uses her blog, Dubai in a Frame, to capture all the happening moments in the city. The blog, or more accurately, video log, focuses on food, art, fashion and wellness events taking place in Dubai and also features the next generation of emerging talent in each of these fields. The blog has a calendar full of events that will capture your attention, making you drop whatever it is you are doing at the moment and seize the opportunity to indulge in whichever field grabs your interest.

Homesick and Heartstruck is a very personal blog about the trials and tribulations of adjusting to life in a new country that is so very different from your own. Written by a writer and teacher, Lucy Martin, who moved to Dubai in 2010, this blog explores what it means to be a British expat living abroad. It is so endearing because it is something that almost every expat can relate to. Lucy talks openly and honestly about her difficulty adjusting to her new home and how little things such as a good book or her pet cat help her dispel her blues when she is feeling particularly nostalgic or homesick.

Grapeshisha is a multi-author blog that has been around for a while and features tips and local knowledge on business, property, culture, news, tourism and a whole lot more that will help both visitors and residents understand what Dubai and the UAE is all about.

CheapnChic is a do-it-yourself blog authored by an Australian TV and Radio presenter based in Dubai. Simone Heng founded this blog, which features many interesting do-it-yourself projects that range from beauty, fashion and décor to DIY food and gift ideas. She also has a great section on thrift stores in Dubai (yes! They do exist). This blog is a great resource for anyone who wants to look good without spending a ton of money on beauty and fashion products.

With thousands of eateries serving a population of just over two million, Samantha Wood was inspired to create a blog that would provide practical, impartial and intelligent restaurant reviews that bring you the latest and greatest in what and where to dine in Dubai. FooDiva is dedicated to bringing you the most current foodie happenings in Dubai including gourmet shop openings, food features, interviews with chefs and competitions in the emirate.

Dubai’s Desperate Housewife is a personal blog written by a full time mom who has been living in Dubai for the last fifteen years. The blog discusses her journey through motherhood, some of the challenges of parenting in Dubai and the trials and traumas of being a non-working full time mom. Popular for its creative writing and funny take on life in Dubai, this blog is great for parents who seek comfort in the fact that they are not alone with their woes!

My Adventures in Dubai is a blog by Nick Cifranic that takes a first-hand look at all the different places in Dubai and neighboring emirates. The blog acts as a portal to Nick’s experiences visiting some of Dubai’s amazing destinations.

There is no better place than Dubai to fulfill your fantasies when it comes to experiencing some of the most exotic cars in the world. Locals here love to own and drive the latest models and you can drive some of the most luxurious cars in the world (if you can afford them) here in Dubai. DrivemeOnline is a great blog that brings you the latest in auto deals, reviews of the latest car models and the most current auto events taking place in Dubai and nearby emirates.

For the coolest shots of Dubai from the most unique vantage points, the 60 photo blog post by Vadim Makhorov brings you breathtaking photos of Dubai’s urbanscape from unimaginable view points. Vadim scales new heights to explore Dubai’s stunning skyline and bring you amazing shots of the structures that have put this emirate on the world map! Although this is not a blog, I had to include it in this list just for its amazing photography.

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