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Most people make the choice to relocate to another country for a taste of adventure. Experiencing new cultures and meeting new people can be a wonderful experience, but settling in, finding a good school for your children, driving and adjusting to a new way of life is also overwhelming. Expat blogs are specifically designed to provide a one-stop shop for useful information for relocating expats to help make the move and the settling-in period as smooth as possible. Forewarned is forearmed and when taking such a big step, it makes sense to be as prepared as possible.

Below, we discuss the top 10 best expat blogs; these are not geared towards one specific country but aim to provide information on the nitty-gritty’s of life such as good schools, where to live, where to shop, things to do and other aspects of life in different countries around the world. Expat blogs are the ideal way for people considering a big move to investigate their country of interest without an actual physical visit. Good blogs are not just travel blogs, but provide so much more information which can include cultural do’s and don’t’s, observations about different areas to live in, transport facilities or information on a new café, shop or art gallery that is an absolute must to visit.

1. Expat Blog

Expat Blog is a mammoth website with a host of information that will help expats organize their moves, share their experiences and meet new people in their preferred country of stay. Registration is free and members need to create an account, which will enable them to access blogs written by thousands of bloggers from all over the world. Blogs can be searched by country and each country is further divided into individual cities. Blogs deal with topics as broad as general travelling tips or as specific as the historical architecture of a region. Bloggers are very active on this website and questions asked by those looking to move are promptly answered.

2. AngloINFO


AngloINFO is a global expat networking website that was set up to provide information and services to all English speaking expats from around the world. It has a number of websites and operates in several regions across the world providing information on key expat issues such as driving abroad, schooling for children and starting up a business. The AngloINFO blog is currently expanding to cover more regions in the world and already operates local websites in several regions. Each local website provides information specific to the area of choice as well as access to blogs from the region written by a variety of experienced bloggers.

3. Just Hungry

Just Hungry

JustHungry is a food blog established by Makiko Itoh, a Japanese expat who has travelled the world and loves to blog about food. The blog focuses on cooking Japanese food for those who do not reside in Japan, but also talks about the cuisines in each of the countries that Makiko has lived in. Her enthusiasm and love of different cuisines is very apparent in her blog which discusses the food life of expatriates and how to cope with food related homesickness, healthy home cooking and food-oriented travel.

4. Expat Forum

Expat Forum

A forum by expats for expats, this website is divided into two main sections: articles and forums of the different countries featured on the website. The articles section provides useful information through hundreds of interviews, news reports and articles, while the forum section allows quick and easy interaction with thousands of active community members who are expats living all across the world.

5. Expat Arrivals

Expat Arrivals

Another great website that provides essential information that can help expats decide on their preferred destination is the website. The website provides a lot of general information for first time travelers including a very useful ‘Hot Topics’ section that is featured on the landing page. Topics featured include relocation planning, homeschooling options when living abroad and contract negotiations for relocation packages, just to name a few. There is also a very informative ‘Expat Interviews’ section that provides firsthand accounts of expats living abroad who share their experiences and advice to provide a window into the world of living abroad.

6. ExpatWoman

ExpatWoman was established in 2001 and is popularly used by expats relocating to several different countries within the Gulf Region as well as Singapore and Azerbaijan. It is geared towards women and provides free access to advice from experts and other expats on several topics including jobs, property, finances and everything in between. The site has an exhaustive forum where new expats can ask questions and receive support from others residing in their country of interest. It is also a great forum for those looking for entertainment options in a new place and provides regularly updated, current information including concerts, fashion and style shows, beauty shows and kid friendly entertainment for the entire family.

7. AlloExpat


With a worldwide presence in over 164 countries across the five continents, AlloExpat is a virtual information hub that connects expats worldwide. Featuring the latest worldwide expat news, this portal has both websites as well as blogs for individual countries that deal with all aspects of expat life. The website boasts over 900,000 visitors per month with 190,000 community members who make 150,000 posts a week on average.

8. Just Landed

Just Landed

Just Landed was launched in 2003 to help those who were looking to move abroad. The website is a one-stop-shop for all expat needs and features several useful resources including country guides, and expat directory that provides information on companies that offer useful products and services to expats, a housing portal that provides listings for homes and apartments and a classified section that serves as a mini-marketplace for small ads for furniture and other items. Expats can also make inquiries on a range of topics on the expat community blog and interact with other bloggers and expats living across the globe.

9. Transitions Abroad

Transitions Abroad

Transitions Abroad is a portal that focuses on work, travel, study and living abroad for a number of countries globally. It also features some informative articles such as ‘15 Important Questions to Ask Before Accepting a Job Abroad’ and ‘10 Ways to Experience a Culture Authentically While Traveling’, written by experienced expats.

10. Telegraph Expat

Telegraph Expat

Part of the popular British newspaper ‘The Daily Telegraph’, the Telegraph Expat offers expats a wealth of information on offshore banking, finances, health, education and property. Although, it targets primarily British expats, this website has much to offer anyone who is planning a move abroad. It also features a very popular ‘Ask the Experts’ section. Registration is required to use the website.


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